The reason why you are actually a warrior...

You have probably heard me saying that true beauty has nothing to do with how you look... so, some of you may be wondering: why bother with makeup at all?

Well, the fact is..

Women have been using makeup for ceremony, celebration, self expression & self adornment for thousands of years.

 the awe-inspiring performance group  "eclectica"

the awe-inspiring performance group "eclectica"

In modern times, thanks to the The Beauty Myth, many of us are terribly confused: many of us either refuse to leave the house without makeup, or we refuse to wear it at all.

Personally, I am a big believer in balance.

I also believe that the approach/attitude you have while using it makes all the difference.

You are not  "flawed" and you don't need to "cover", "conceal" or "correct" yourself.

You are a magnificent and divine warrior goddess expressing yourself in, what is supposed to be, an occasional sacred ritual of self adornment & celebration of self.

Think I'm being a bit dramatic? ... Don't think of yourself as a warrior? 

Just think about what you are up against: you live in a world and society that tells you that you aren't good enough. You live in a world where people judge you based on what you look like, rather than who you really are. You live in a world that teaches you that beauty isn't something you already possess, that it is something you must work very hard to obtain and maintain. That beauty isn't something all women have. That you must compete with your fellow sisters in a vertical hierarchy of beauty. That you must wear just the right amount of makeup or look just the right way, to be taken seriously. You live in a world where you are compared to unrealistic, unhealthy and unattainable images of female beauty that are literally impossible to achieve without surgery or starvation, meaning that you can never feel good enough. And this is why, although you can quite effortlessly see the beauty in others, you cannot see the beauty in yourself.

Girlfriend... you are a warrior!!!

Every morning, look into that mirror and give yourself a pep talk. With each nasty comment you hear your beauty beast say to you, give yourself two positive ones. Unleash your inner warrior and reclaim your power to do what is actually the biggest challenge you will ever face: accept and love yourself no matter what.

So look into that mirror warrior woman.. look deep into your own eyes, and smile... because you are a beauty, and it is your birthright to see that and share it proudly.

Makeup is never shallow, vain or superficial if your feet are planted in self-acceptance and joyful self-expression.


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