"Super informative and insightful, diving deep into the beauty truth. Not only is the way you look at yourself revolutionised, the entire lens you see the cosmetic industry through is transformed, inspiring healthier choices and more conscious ways of relating to yourself. Delivered in a fun and inspiring way... this is the beginning of something BIG that the world needs. Boss Makeovers is a beauty revolution!"

Jessica Cleverley - Author & Musician  www.theunravelingjourney.com



"What a pleasurable (and educational!) experience it was to have my makeup done by Libby. Right away, she understood ‘the look’ that I was going for and kindly explained the benefits of all the products used on my skin. Libby has a gift for colour and making women not only look beautiful, but feel beautiful. A true creative, heart-centred gem."

Claire Baker - Health & Life Coach, Writer & Speaker   www.thisislifeblood.com


"As soon as you meet Libby you can feel her passion for natural beauty both inside and out. It is so insightful to hear the knowledge that she has learnt over years about the cosmetic industry and products. Her drive to want to share this information with us is just absolutely incredible. Once you learn more it is easy to see why she is so driven to wanting to spread the word and easy to share her values. Absolutely loved the beauty boss makeover with some girlfriends, that we are all looking forward to having round two!"

Rema Hedditch - Student



"Libby is one sparkly, knowledgeable, passionate and epic beauty boss! She has poured her heart into this creation and her mission to inspire women to embody and amplify their natural beauty is empowering. It has uncovered for me a deeper understanding of my relationship to beauty, and the power of inner radiance. I highly recommend Libby as an expert in what she does and her holistic approach to beauty is rare and powerful."

Jules Ward - Environmental Engineer



"I've worked with many MUA's and Libby is one of the best and most versatile as she was willing to travel with me and assist on a shoot in the south of Holland, and she did an amazing job of course, she has a real knack for highlighting all the right features and an impeccable eye for colour. Thank you Libby!"

Angela Argentina - Integrative Health Coach   www. angelaargentina.com


"Wonderful and beautiful!!! These were my feelings after to be touched by Libby's magical hands! Such a great job you did Libby! I had told you that I wanted to be like Beyonce, but in the end, I felt much more diva and special than any woman in the world! Thank you very much for having made me so stunning and my unique on my special day! Lots of love and success for you darling!"

Jessica Silva - Event Co-Ordinator


"I had the privilege to work with Libby on a set of Fashion shoot for the Magazine Merise, Libby you are a super professional Makeup Artist and an amazing human!!! your work is an inspiration!! lots of love and good luck, i know we will do some amazing project for my upcoming collections"

Sharon Sharvit - Fashion Designer & Model    http://www.sharonasharvit.com/

Merise 5.jpeg


"To be honest...I dislike makeup, I dislike other people applying makeup to me and I am usually dissatisfied with the results. Well, Libby changed my preconceived ideas with a wave of a makeup brush! I was very nervous about putting myself out there on the launch of my website. Libby put me right at ease with her professional and fun attitude and her absolute passion for ensuring I get exactly the look that suited my personality."

Veronika Andersson - Business Consultant & Accountant   www.vavee.com.au


"It was a pleasure having Libby as my Makeup Artist for my concert. She did beautiful work, displaying her enormous talent, sensibility and expertise. She also exceeded my expectation by being very fast and available when it was required. I also enjoyed the high quality of the products she used. If you want to look amazing and receive a unique and personalized service and treatment, with Libby, I am confident you are in good hands."

Juliana Areias - Singer & Songwriter    www.julianaareias.com


"Libby approaches her work in a professional, timely and interactive manner. From the very beginning she makes clients feel comfortable and safe to explore how the art of using make-up can be used to enhance one’s own inner beauty. She is a highly skilled MUA with her craft encapsulating her natural creative and artist flair which she blends with the wishes of each individual. Every make-over is tailored to the wants and needs of the client so that all parties leave feeling happy, inspired and empowered."

Jae West - The Liberators International   www.jaewest.com


"I had the pleasure of a one on one makeup & skincare lesson with Libby. Overall, I want to say how much I valued her lesson. She started by asking what I wanted from the lesson. She was very keen to make sure the time was devoted to what I wanted to do, rather than going through just what she wanted to cover. I choose to focus more on ‘everyday’ makeup, and in particular aiming for that ‘flawless’ base. She was just perfect. She used a combination of my preexisting makeup, as well as the makeup she had brought with her. She went through why things were done a certain way and the pros and cons of some products over others. She was more than happy to work with the makeup I already have, while gently recommending some essential items that might be lacking. Even though we ran out of time, she stayed longer than her allotted time to look through some of my skin care products. She was very knowledgeable about products, without being pushy. The passion and enthusiasm she has for her work was contagious and I actually came away feeling inspired and excited. She has a beautiful philosophy on makeup and how it can be used to empower women. Six months down the track and I am still using the products and techniques that she showed me on that day, which have made me much more creative and adventurous with my makeup. I love what she had to offer and I have never felt more confident with the application and embracement of wearing makeup!"   

Ann Rosenow - Doctor



"Libby of Boss makeovers delivers powerful information relating to the cosmetic industry, that is warm, insightful and promotes healthy choices. Packed with the potent truth, the workshop leaves you empowered to make your own decisions relating to purchasing products that are the best for your health, what ingredients to avoid and what the scientific terms actually mean. I mostly loved the supportive, loving woman community that was birthed from the workshop - sharing affirmations within a community of woman in a 30-day sharing challenge that promotes self-love & transformation. When women come together they heal. Libby does this. I 100% recommend to book in a party with your friends - and watch the magic unfold. This is the information & empowerment woman want & will transform you're health & well-being. Knowledge is power. Libby's packs a punch full of knowledge with compassion."

Lawruhn Kate - Artist, Entertainer & Events Coordinator



"Libby did the make up for myself and my Bridesmaids and she was fabulous! She held a gorgeous, calming, fun space for us and did a beautiful job with our makeup. The organic skin care she uses is so light on your skin which is great if you're not used to wearing much makeup. Libby's passion and authenticity is really wonderful to connect with. I highly and joyfully recommend Boss Makeovers"

Devahnah Ellandria -  Healer and Coach

devah copy.jpg