It’s Time to Become a Boss in the Mirror & Marketplace

Learn How To Do Your Makeup, The Truth About Skincare & Discover Truly Health-Friendly Beauty Products

The Boss Cosmetics Collection: Specially Selected Organic Makeup, Skincare, Haircare + Body Care  & Receive Custom Product Recommendations

Specially selected for being the best of the best high performance, toxin and cruelty free, vegan, ethically sourced, fair priced and made from the finest natural and organic ingredients by some of the world’s leading organic & natural cosmetics brands:

"Super informative and insightful, diving deep into the beauty truth. Not only is the way you look at yourself revolutionised, the entire lens you see the cosmetic industry through is transformed, inspiring healthier choices and more conscious ways of relating to yourself. Delivered in a fun and inspiring way... this is the beginning of something BIG that the world needs. Boss Makeovers is a beauty revolution!" - Jessica Cleverley -- Author & Musician

"Libby is one sparkly, knowledgeable, passionate and epic beauty boss! She has poured her heart into this creation and her mission to inspire women to embody and amplify their natural beauty is empowering. It has uncovered for me a deeper understanding of my relationship to beauty, and the power of inner radiance. I highly recommend Libby as an expert in what she does and her holistic approach to beauty is rare and powerful." - Jules Ward -- Student

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