We are looking for kick-ass women who share our passion for beauty, health, style, animal and human rights, and environmental protection.

Do you dream of working for a company that is forward-thinking and fun? Who treat each other the way a real tribe would?

A career as a Boss Makeover Artist is one of a kind opportunity…

Exciting & rewarding: a career with Boss Makeovers is creative, social and big-hearted, no two days will ever be the same as you change peoples lives for the better, protect helpless animals from cruelty and protect our precious environment from the corporations, like a boss.

  • Choose your own hours/flexible work schedule

  • Make a real and lasting positive difference to people's lives

  • Explore your passion, creativity and talents

  • High hourly rate, performance based incentives and bonuses

  • Fun, supportive and uplifting work environment

  • Opportunity for career progression into leadership roles


Travel Adventures

The world is a playground for Boss Makeover Artists! Every year we go on paid road trip adventures to a variety of wonderful places around Australia.

Support & Encouragement

We support our Boss Makeover Artists by providing:

  • Workplace training with high performance toxin-free, cruelty-free and eco-friendly cosmetics

  • Business training: sales and marketing, relationship management and public speaking

  • Personal development coaching: value fulfilment, goal setting, desire mapping, mindset for success, setting personal boundaries and maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Rewards & Recognition

Although prizes certainly kick ass, we also offer something a little more meaningful: respect and recognition. Through special programs and hilarious award ceremonies, Boss Makeover Artists are recognised for their accomplishments, boss style.

Imagine Making an Impact on the World…

Imagine a career filled with purpose, play and profit. One that is so flexible you can make it work around you and your needs and desires, where there is no limit to how much money you can make.

There’s nobody quite like us…

Yes, we love makeup and all things beauty - but it’s so much more than that.  Boss Makeovers is a company unlike any other: our heart is true, our disco balls are massive, and our dreams are revolutionary. With genuine integrity, deep purpose and a kick-ass mission - we mean to change the world, one makeover at a time.

And no, we will not be “calling all product junkies” to jump on board

Why? Because we don’t believe in encouraging young women to be hooked on consuming endless beauty products they most likely won’t use and definitely don’t need. We promote having a balanced and healthy attitude towards purchasing beauty products, rather than using people’s insecurities to squeeze every cent we can out of them.

Forget about “the latest” shades and just stick to what works. Forget the over-used and virtually meaningless “the best in skin care science” hooklines and hype, and just let nature do its thing. And please forget about “exclusive offers”, because it’s time for inclusivity. Exclusivity is so last century.

We will never encourage you to amp up your own beauty “status”, because, well, it’s just so lame. Drop the competition and start owning your unique brand of awesomeness without having to be better than others. Let’s be a tribe.

Experience & Attributes We Are Looking For In Our Beloved Boss Makeover Artists:

  • Makeup/Beauty Qualifications and Experience (exceptions will be given in rare circumstances)

  • Retail Cosmetic Sales Experience (desirable but not mandatory)

  • Knowledge of Organic Cosmetic Products (desirable but not mandatory) 

  • Excellent Communication Skills

  • Authentic, Self-Motivated and Reliable

  • Passionate About Personal Development

  • Boss Sense of Style

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