The Simple Truth About Beauty


Beauty is something you were born with. Something you will always have. 

Beauty is your truth. Your very essence. 

It is not something you create or wear, it is you.

This is the reason so many men dislike makeup, because whether we ladies can accept it or not, they can see our true beauty: in our eyes, in our smile, our laugh. 


The more in touch with yourself you are, the brighter your beauty shines.

The most beautiful you can ever do is to simply be yourself.

Seems simple, and yet in todays world, it has become a task for warriors:

"to be nobody but yourself in a world that is doing its very best to make you just like everybody else, is to fight the greatest battle you'll ever fight" -  E. E. Cummings

Many of us have forgotten who we really are: instead of searching for our own truth, we try to fit in with the ideals presented to us through our cultural conditioning.

By comparing ourselves to an unachievable ideal of "beauty" and aspiring to be something we are not, we forget who we are.


Like you, beauty is an indefinable, immeasurable essence.

It can be labelled, described & hypothesized, but nothing can truly capture what it is.

Like love, beauty is boundless and indefinable, but when you see and feel it, it is undeniable.


Love is the ultimate truth. The answer to all questions. The solution to all problems. The medicine to all illnesses. It is what makes the world go around. It is what beats our hearts. There is nothing more real nor more powerful than love.


So be you. Be in your heart. Nothing is more beautiful.


happy girls are the prettiest


Search for your truth, and you will find your beauty. And once you have found your treasures of truth, proudly share them with the world through joyful uninhibited self expression - that is beauty.


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With love, Libby x