Get Wildly Creative: 3 Tips For Expressing Yourself Like a Boss


“It’s this freedom that’s the key to becoming visible again. Not caring what others think is freeing. Expressing yourself any way you want is freeing. Having opinions, emotional wisdom, spiritual understanding…these things free you. And in freedom, we find power.” - Jane Tara


One of the ironies of today is that although we have more choices than ever before, most of us are still not expressing our individuality and creativity the way we really want to. Of all the possible ways we could look and express ourselves, we often stay put in our safe little boxes, secretly yearning to differentiate ourselves with more creative, fearless and authentic self expression, yet not daring to step outside the line for fear of being judged. But this is more than just an issue of low self esteem and low confidence, it is also a sign that we are confused about who we are and who we want to be.

Here are 3 tips for getting more creative with the way you express yourself:


Step 1 - Adopt a Boss Attitude


Adornment not "fixing"

Humans have been using makeup for ceremony, celebration, self expression & self adornment for thousands of years.

Just remember, you do not need to "cover", "conceal" or "correct" your "flaws"… you are a magnificent warrior goddess celebrating and expressing yourself in a sacred ritual of self adornment - kind of like a soldier applying war paint before battle.

Think Im being a bit dramatic?

Just think about what you are up against: you live in a society that tells you that you aren't good enough. You live in a world where people judge you based on what you look like, rather than who you are. You live in a world that teaches you that beauty isn't something you already possess, that it is something you must work very hard to obtain and maintain. That you must compete with your fellow sisters in a vertical hierarchy of beauty. That you must wear just the right amount of makeup or look just the right way, to be taken seriously. You live in a world where you are compared to unrealistic and unhealthy images of female beauty that are literally impossible to achieve without surgery or starvation, meaning that you can never feel good enough. And this is why, although you can quite effortlessly see the beauty in others, you cannot see the beauty in yourself.

You are a f%cking warrior!

Every morning look into that mirror and give yourself a pep talk. With each nasty comment you hear your inner beauty beast say to you, give yourself two positive ones. Ignite your inner warrior and reclaim your power to do what is actually the biggest challenge you will ever face: accept and love yourself no matter what.

Next time you catch your own reflection in the mirror, remember to look deep into your own eyes and smile at yourself. You are a beauty, and it is your birthright to see that and share it proudly.


Step 2 - Drop Fear & Start Playing

"the whole secret of existence is to have no fear" - Buddha

In order to get more creative in the mirror, we need to drop our fear of making mistakes and fear of other people's opinions. You will never be able to express yourself to the fullest if you are worried about other peoples opinions or are fearful of making mistakes - and that goes for anything you try in life.

The truth is, there are no mistakes in life, only lessons.

So go be lighthearted, re-learn how to play and have fun!

"Play is the highest form of learning" - Einstein


Step 3 - Discover Yourself Like a Boss

"You are so busy being you that you have no idea how utterly unprecedented you are” - John Green

When I see women making common makeup mistakes, such as wearing the wrong foundation colour, over-bronzing, over-highlighting etc, I think much of this is due to not living in reality.

I have seen ladies spend hours in the bathroom only to see them come out looking barely any different. And then there are those who apply their makeup as quickly as possible and then quickly run away from the mirror without having had a proper look at themselves.

Regardless of whether you are outrageously slow and cautious or carelessly fast, I believe many women simply do not see reality when they look in the mirror. Disillusioned by images they’ve seen in the media, crippled by fear and blinded by their insecurities and delusions, instead of seeing the reality of what they actually look like, they have created a false idea in their head about what they look like, and this is why things often go wrong. 

In order to make correct decisions regarding what colours to use and where and how to apply your makeup… its best you have your feet planted in reality about what you actually look like, such as your bone structure, facial features and skin tone.

Ironically, before we can play with fantasy, we must face reality, and sometimes, in order to discover yourself, you must imagine you don't know yourself at all.

“In order to fly, you have to let go of the world your hanging on to” - Kurek Ashley