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Become Confident, Creative & Kind In the Mirror 


Part 1 - The Cosmetics Truth

Become Informed Once And For All

Become a Boss In the Cosmetics Marketplace

This fascinating and comprehensive cosmetics presentation will change the way you shop for cosmetics forever. Covering a wide range of topics, this insightful compilation of must-know cosmetics facts will teach you years of wisdom within the space of a few fun hours of boss-style education so that you have all the tools you need to read ingredient lists and make informed, safe and ethical choices in the cosmetics marketplace with confidence and ease.

Discover must-know toxic truths and cosmetics industry secrets, including unsafe ingredients used, misleading labelling & labelling loopholes, the shocking truth about animal testing, anti-ageing skincare, how to soothe sensitive skin and clear up problematic skin, pink washing, environmental impacts and alarming facts about sunscreen and skin cancer.

Recommended for those who would like to:

  • Learn how to make sure all the products in your home are safe to use and not tested on animals.

  • Learn how to find the best quality products on the market

  • Learn the truth about anti-ageing skincare

  • Learn how to clear up problematic skin

  • Learn how to read ingredient lists, including what “hypoallergenic”, “dermatologically tested” & “clinically proven” really mean

  • Learn the truth about safe sunscreens and how to prevent skin cancer 

Part 2 - The Beauty Truth

Journey Through The Looking Glass

Break Free From The Beauty Matrix & Into Your Unique Beauty

This fascinating mindset makeover will transform how you see beauty and yourself so you can break free from unconscious limiting beliefs and habits, create a healthy relationship with the mirror and express your unique beauty with confidence and creativity.

Often described as a powerful group therapy session, this motivational, educational and interactive experience explores core issues all everyday women silently struggle with, and examines the true cost they have on us emotionally, psychologically, physically and financially, as well as the greater collective impact this has on our planet.

Bond with like-minded women as you share personal stories and examine the recent evolution of beauty, its connection to the media, body image issues, obsession with anti-ageing, the women’s liberation movement, as well as the challenges, and opportunities of modern day women.

Recommended for those who would like to:

·      Improve your sense of confidence, self-understanding, self-acceptance, self-worth, personal power and sisterhood

  • Gain a healthy & balanced perspective on female beauty

  • Break free from unconscious limiting fears and beliefs that inhibit your creativity

Part 3 - The Art of Makeup

How To Do High Impact Natural Makeup

Become a Boss In the Mirror

Comprehensive makeup lesson: Learn how to do high impact natural makeup in minimal time and replace boring fear-based beauty routines with confident, kind and creative beauty rituals.

Recommended for those who would like to:

  • Learn how to do their makeup confidently

  • Discover what is unique and beautiful about you and which colours/looks suit your individual needs and desires.

Part 4 - The Art of Play

Unleash Your Creativity

Practice your new makeup knowledge and skills in a fun and supportive environment: play with our organic makeup collection with the girls - perfect as a fun ladies night in or before a night out on the town - boss style!

Recommended for those who would like to:

  • Learn how to break free from boring unconscious beauty routines and start expressing yourself more creatively


See What Others Are Saying...

"Super informative and insightful, diving deep into the beauty truth. Not only is the way you look at yourself revolutionised, the entire lens you see the cosmetic industry through is transformed, inspiring healthier choices and more conscious ways of relating to yourself. Delivered in a fun and inspiring way... this is the beginning of something BIG that the world needs. Boss Makeovers is a beauty revolution!" - Jessica Cleverley -- Author & Musician

"Libby is one sparkly, knowledgeable, passionate and epic beauty boss! She has poured her heart into this creation and her mission to inspire women to embody and amplify their natural beauty is empowering. It has uncovered for me a deeper understanding of my relationship to beauty, and the power of inner radiance. I highly recommend Libby as an expert in what she does and her holistic approach to beauty is rare and powerful." - Jules Ward -- Student

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Do you know how to read and understand a cosmetic ingredient list? (if no – we recommend you try a Cosmetics Truth Makeover, if yes – move on to the next question)

 Do you avoid the mirror or have trouble saying kind and accepting things to yourself in the mirror? (if yes – we recommend you try a Beauty Truth Makeover, if no – move on to the next question)

 Are you interested in learning new makeup tricks and skills? (if yes – we recommend you try an Art of Makeup Makeover, if no – move onto the next question)

Would you like to practice the makeup knowledge in a fun environment where you can get as creative as possible? (if yes – we recommend you try a Art of Play Makeover, if no – it seems a Beauty Boss Makeover is not for you – perhaps recommend our services to a friend who may love a Boss Makeover)

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