Imagine you finally made peace with the mirror.... 

Imagine makeup & styling was fun and easy; that you had all the confidence and skills to make yourself look like runway royalty whenever you felt like it. 

What would you look like if you could express yourself to the fullest without fear or self criticism?

Imagine you were a bad ass boss in the marketplace and could navigate cosmetics with absolute confidence.

Get together with the girls and become inspired, informed & transformed inside and out..


Reignite Your Life with a Boss Makeover

"this is the beginning of something BIG that the world needs. Boss Makeovers is a beauty revolution!"




The Beauty Boss Makeover Series

Master the art of makeup and creative self expression, discover how to find the best quality, most ethical beauty products and transform your relationship with the mirror so you can look and feel amazing.

Makeup Boss: The Art of Makeup & Creative Self Expression


Learn all the makeup tricks of the trade, and how to approach with mirror with a playful attitude so you can replace boring unconscious routines with creative, confident and fearless self-expression.


Cosmetics Boss: Discover The Cosmetics Truth & Navigate Cosmetics Like a Boss


Learn must-know toxic cosmetics truths and how to read and understand ingredients lists so you can find the best quality products and make informed, healthy & ethical choices in the marketplace.


The Beauty Truth: Through The Looking Glass


Embark on an exciting new journey through self as you navigate probing personal questions and explore female beauty like never before so you can make peace with the mirror, reclaim your confidence and can become magnetic through your love of self.




See What Others Are Saying...

"Super informative and insightful, diving deep into the beauty truth. Not only is the way you look at yourself revolutionised, the entire lens you see the cosmetic industry through is transformed, inspiring healthier choices and more conscious ways of relating to yourself. Delivered in a fun and inspiring way... this is the beginning of something BIG that the world needs. Boss Makeovers is a beauty revolution!" - Jessica Cleverley -- Author & Musician

"Libby is one sparkly, knowledgeable, passionate and epic beauty boss! She has poured her heart into this creation and her mission to inspire women to embody and amplify their natural beauty is empowering. It has uncovered for me a deeper understanding of my relationship to beauty, and the power of inner radiance. I highly recommend Libby as an expert in what she does and her holistic approach to beauty is rare and powerful." - Jules Ward -- Student

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